5D3 with 80-200 2.8L or 5D4 with 80-200 4L

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Re: 5D3 with 80-200 2.8L or 5D4 with 80-200 4L

jkringen wrote:

Getting back into photography after about a 20 year hiatus. Back then, I shot primarily with a F1n, so I have quite a lot to catch up on.

As I am looking into equipment, I am thinking about two real options a 5D3 with an 80-200 2.8L or a 5D4 with the 80-200 4L. Back when shooting film, I would have always opted for the faster lens, but reviewing these options, I am not so sure.

My real questions concerns whether the (as I have read) increase in quality related to higher settings ISO on the 5D4 makes worrying about the one stop difference in the lens largely irrelevant? When shooting film, I would rarely shoot anything faster than 400 ISO, and my 200mm was a 2.8.

Getting a feel for both of the lenses at a local shop, I really thought that walking around Europe with my two year old next year might be quite a bit easier carrying the 4L, but I am having a hard time accepting giving up the extra stop. In the past, I always leaned toward better lenses over newer cameras, but digital seems so very different.

Given the costs, I could swing a 5D4 if I go with the 4L. If I do the 2.8L, I will be picking up a 5D3. Of course, I'll be picking up a couple of other lenses, but they will be the same regardless of this choice.

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Scott Dobry

My vote would be for the 5D4/80-200 F4L.  The 5D4 is twice the camera in many ways and the F4L is a great / sharp lens and WAY lighter as you discovered when handling.

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