Do you use a VF device on a Casio camera?

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Re: Do you use a VF device on a Casio camera?

Guy Parsons wrote:

Erik Ohlson wrote:

Clearviewer for me.

Never even thought of the "Masking" effect of the camera, and, frankly that seems specious to me. Maybe for "street photography" of strangers, which rarely occurs to me, I mostly prefer as few people in street-type pictures as possible. I'm interested in the scene, not my fellow pedestrians, and the magnified Clearviewer helps to see when 'traffic' is clear.

On the other hand I welcome having as many locals as possible in many shots (not posed, as incidentals), just so we can remember what the scene was really all about.

At any rate, most of the 'composing' occurs in my head even before the camera comes out of the pocket - the camera itself isn't out of the pocket longer than it takes to make the exposure but while it IS out, I like to be able to SEE if a subject is - for instance - smiling, or obscuring an important detail, which can't be determined holding a credit-card sized screen at arm's length.

I see this "arm's length" thing too many times in the forums. That only happens for people who won't wear the correct prescription lenses. As a screen only user the average distance from the face for most shots would be between maybe 10 inches and 18 inches as I hold it at high chest level down to near waist level, using tilt screen of course.

Yes, I know. But I hate glasses and will never wear them. Maybe I will try in 10 years time or so but I prefer to walk into doors rather than having a fogging up blinding device in front of me. Then, I don't see any issues with keeping the camera at arms length. I always use the strap around my neck so this technique stabilizes the whole thing.

I think that those who prefer just the screen are actually looking directly at the subject for the sort of clues I prefer to get by magnifying the screen: a perfectly valid technique.

Yes, it does seem to work that way. Determine the framing with the screen (and zoom) after the right position is found to stand for the desired perspective. Then watch the scene "live" to get things to fall into place, while still glancing at the framing.

For composition I frame in my head and pick some key items, hold up the camera at arms length and make sure the key items are fuzzily in the LCD, then fire away. I then make a quick review before leaving every scene to make sure the shots are reasonably ok. My AF works but slowly so given a few seconds my eyes can focus on the LCD. The one big drawback I notice is that after looking at the LCD in a dark setting, looking at the scene is like looking into a black hole since my eyes adapt very slowly. But glasses wouldn't fix this.

Sort of like having a view camera on a tripod, cable-release in hand, watching a posed group of people for the best moment when all are paying attention.

Yes, that is the way. Then of course we Casionistas can use a best shot called Best Selection. That makes sure we get the smiles and not the blinks.

Starting as I did with the tiny 'reverse-telescope' tube type sight on my Leica Model "A" thru rangefinder Leica sights and [film] SLR's where focus and 'bokeh' effect was only observable through the viewfinder, I guess the lifetime habit of wanting to see "what's going on" in the picture would be hard to shake.

Heck, I shook that easily after using optical viewfinders for 40 or so years, was so glad to get cameras where an easy to see tilt screen was way more comfortable to use than holding a camera over my face.

But from my own survey back in the M4/3 forum it seems like that only about 10% or less of those system camera users like to work that way, compared to 100% of smartphone users who have screen only.

I realise that I'm mostly repeating what I said above somewhere, but I guess that proves that it is still true for me. It is kind of liberating to use screen only.

Regards.... Guy

Agree, I've come to the point where I use the fold out screen on my Sonys more than half the time. Very useful when in tight spots like when backed up against a wall. I know, I SHOULD go nuy that 16-35 or similar...

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