X-T2: Low Light ISO noise

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X-T2: Low Light ISO noise


I don't want to start a big discussion on noise here, just want to get a bit of feedback on this topic to correct my (high) expectations or get some hints to change my technique.

My general expectations on this camera have been met after some weeks of real use and I've settled with what I got - satisfied.

Still, after what I've read about high ISO performance of the Fujifilm X system I did expect to be able getting quite clean pictures (or maybe: a bit noisy but pleasingly grainy) in available light up to ISO 3200, maybe even ISO 6400.

What I realize in real use: I can't see any improvement over what I'm used to from any camera i owned - the higher the ISO the more details are destroyed, in a linear progression. Considering the facts concerning "isoless sensors" and discussions that there should be no difference in noise between ISO400 and ISO800 (up to 800) or ISO1000 versus ISO1600 (up to ISO1600) - I can't verify that on my X-T2: noise gets worse the higher ISO is set in a linear progression.

Also, I do see a lot of high ISO pictures (say 6400) on the web that seem to be quite clean at the 1st glance (cannot tell how those look when zooming in a bit). When I look at one of my pictures taken with ISO1600 in low light there just is more noise that I'd have expected with the X-T2. Noise gets worse the darker the scene gets. As a result, I find usable ISO is max. 1600 for my taste.

The contradiction over the opinions about ISO-noise is, that there are people who celebrate how good the performance at ISO12000, while others just consider everything over 1600 as unusable. Sure, judgements my be very subjective and dependent on the scene (simple vs. lot of details) on this topic, but opinions seem to differ a lot ...

So, can you enlighten me: did I expect too much? Am I doing something wrong?



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