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scottyinfrisco wrote:

Is the the G9 $1000 better than the G85? Or the GH5 $1500 better? I'm trying to rationalize perhaps, but every time I reach for my credit card on the G9, the little G85 voice in my head says "Dude, I'm right here"

I recently acquired the GX85 and like it a lot, but the G85/G9 form factor has value to me too. I've also kicked around the E-M1.1 option. I'm not typically an early adopter, but suffer from chronic GAS. I really kind want to settle on some kit and learn it better. Thoughts? Therapist recommendations?

Frankly, if you have to ask such a question, then the top tier cameras are not worth the expense. Hobbyists tend to have a somewhat flawed attitude toward cameras, that X feature is worth Y amount of money, and so a camera becomes "overpriced" if the value they give certain features don't add up to the price of the camera.

There are two main reasons this way of thinking is flawed. First is often they either don't consider all the features and/or assign values that are not accurate or realistic. Second, and usually the more logical one, is that flagship cameras and "pro spec" gear are designed in no small part with the idea of "Return on Investment" to pros who might by them.

The result is that a hobbyist can look at the G9 or GH5 and conclude that they are way too much money for what they do, while a pro will think in terms of whether or not the cameras will improve workflow and success rate. Ergo, if spending $1000 means a higher keeper rate, or the capability of producing photos with a more streamlined workflow, or even getting shots unavailable with current bodies (such as high speed burst rate or hi res mode) then the camera is not overpriced.

A lot of hobbyists wrestle with what they "need" when really it's more a matter of how much they want. IMO, no need to justify a want by trying to say it's a need...except to significant others who may not appreciate the money being spent.

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