PC ink P600 reset ink levels

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Re: PC ink P600 reset ink levels

cloneimaging wrote:

The problem is it states not to let the cartridge run to empty on the PC site although I may be misreading.

Or are you saying the PC ink will run to empty and then reset to full regardless? The point being that it will reset to full regardless of whether the cartridge is full or not ( obviously I keep them topped off )

The statement usually included with these carts about Not letting then go empty means NOT Physically empty. The chips of ALL of these carts do no accurately reflect the actual ink levels. They tend to OVER REPORT the levels of ink. So you want to maintain the carts topped off so the are NOT physically empty when the chip actually declares them empty. So at about 50% top them ALL off to full.

SO when the chip says EMPTY you will be safe because you still will have lot of ink in the cart if you have been topping them off regularly. Why do you want to do this??

So you do not loose your INK PRIME in the Priming chamber!!!

For the chip to reset to full it MUST reach empty. Then you disconnect power to it by removing it and re installing it. Only then will it will reset the chip.


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