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Re: Back Button Focusing?

Leonard Migliore wrote:

bobgeorge wrote:

I was just watching some YouTube videos on the pros of Back Button focusing. many of you use that technique and do you see a real benefit?

Thanks in advance!

I use back button focusing because it separates the actions of focusing and of taking the picture.

With zero judgement on your choice - why would you want to separate "the actions of focussing and taking the picture" anyway?

Why focus if you're not going to take the photo (and, bear in mind, nearly all cameras have "!/2 press to focus. full press to take" anyway)?

And there's no point in taking the picture if you're not focussed.

It just seems like adding unnecessary steps into the "take the photo process".

I use it with continuous autofocus (I believe most people do it this way). That way, I can press and release to have single servo or keep my finger on the button to have continuous servo. I can preset focus to a desired point and recompose.

The only downside is that if you hand the camera to someone else to take your picture, you will be out of focus.

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