RX10iv's first outing - Kew Gardens; and questions

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RX10iv's first outing - Kew Gardens; and questions

I spent a couple of days ploughing through the first part of the Alexander White, hard work, and attempting my first memory settings based on AlwynS' of a month or so ago - thank you. I put BIF and perched birds in memories, with a third for scenery.

I used memories rather than custom buttons because holding custom buttons while pressing the shutter seems very difficult. C3 may be ok using a thumb to hold it. But C1 and C2 - how do you do it? Index finger on the C button and middle finger on the shutter? Clearly using these would be much faster than selecting a memory. Can someone confirm that neither route takes care of the setting of focus mode?

It was a crisp sunny morning. In the event, my only BIF's were big metal ones. My birds were not perched. And others were on my scenery settings.

My thanks go to many forum contributors responsible for my great anticipation of this purchase, and whose posts I will be revisiting as I get familiar with the camera.

Here are a few of the morning's photos, all unedited JPEGs.

BIF. The Gardens are under the main landing flightpath to Heathrow

Obliging peacock

The Palm House, with unintended BIF, black-headed gull

Without BIF

Again, across the pond

A favourite tree, though I do not know what it is

The same tree, with Orangery beyond

The rather ugly Syon House, viewed from Kew Gardens across the Thames with tide out

The Japanese Garden and Gateway

Flat view
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