G9 - First impressions out of the box

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G9 - First impressions out of the box

Lots to read about the G9 as it finally hits the streets and many of the comments from folks much more talented than myself. I've taken the camera out now for a couple of days and had the opportunity to meet up yesterday with a Panasonic Support rep in out local camera store and he asked me to share my "First Impressions". Here is my list:

1. JPEG files are beautiful. For those shooting JPEG, or JPEG + RAW, this will be so nice when everyone wants the pics “Now” and you don’t have time to run them through your favorite editor to clean up and/or hide mistakes.

2. SHUTTER is very sensitive for me. I took way too many pics before I was ready. I have gotten better with time, but honestly I would hope that this will be something I can adjust later on.

3. Ergonomics and weight are very nice. Still lighter than my Canon gear, but I do like the extra size and weight, especially with the 100-400mm lens.

4.  As good as the overall ergonomics is, the Joy Stick is really in the wrong place for a “Left Eye” shooter like myself (plus I wear glasses). I find I have to take my eye out of the eye cup so I can stick my thumb or finger on the stick to move the focal point.  Panasonic told me the new "Eye Cup" option might help about, but did agree with my observation.

5.  On the other hand, the Joy Stick, though it does not move diagonally, is nice and responsive compared the some of the feedback I’ve seen on the internet.

6.  Playback seemed very “stuttered”. At times it was like my GX8, it just worked. But many times I had to wait … and wait …. and wait. Granted, I had some 6K files mixed in with the playback, but I had 4K files mixed in with the G8 and never saw any issues.  Panasonic took note of this and I have seen other reviews comment on Playback issues.

7.  I am using the new SanDisk 64GB Extreme PRO UHS-II SDXC Memory Cards in both slots of the G9. Did not measure anything, but I did not notice any difference in speed or buffering issues compared to my past Pany camera bodies.  I don't really shoot video, so I can't offer much feedback here.

8.  I love the “Display Window” on top of the camera. I can avoid the menus, keep the screen closed and just use the buttons …. Love it!

9.  Every time the G9 starts without a lens attached I’m prompted with “Current Focal Length setting 35mm. Change this setting?”  I've never seen this before, but it's kind of annoying ... but no big deal

10.  When shooting 6K, the LVF stops after I composed the picture and hit the Shutter. I basically see what I originally started with. With a moving subject, I’m not sure what I’m getting. I’m was also doing this in AFC mode.  In light of the internet feedback negatively talking about LVF “Blackout” I mentioned this to the Pany rep.  He had me change a default LVF setting from 60 frame refresh rate to 120.  I have not tested this yet, but I will do so shortly.

11.  Regarding the 6K Photo mode, the pics were nearly perfect every time.  Especially nice feature with moving subjects.

12. For many on this forum probably not a  big deal, but the G9 will not shoot Panoramic photos “in-camera”

13.  “Descriptive or Explain” menu mode no longer exists on the G9.  As Tom points out on one of his recent posts, you have to "Read the Manual".

14.  Battery life ... hard to judge as I had Bluetooth on (never had it on a camera before).  I did carry a spare and glad I did, but I've since turned the Bluetooth feature off.

That pretty much covers a few hours of shooting with the G9 right out of the box.  I really enjoyed the camera and it certainly addresses many of "my wishes".  If there is interest, I will answer questions and continue to post updates ....

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