6d or d600 for me?

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Re: 6d or d600 for me?


Thank you all so very much! I truly appreciate the time and effort invested in your illuminating posts. In reading them I feel as though I’ve completed a masterclass on digital photography!

i downloaded many RAW files to compare yesterday (simply brilliant) and had to laugh at myself. I realized I had relied on test charts and dxo scores when I should have simply used my eyes.

In so doing I came to realize the 6d files were totally absent the “artifacts” I had mentioned. In fact, they were remarkably clean and contrast was not at all harsh. Simply lovely!

It was equally clear just how large an impact the lens plays, and that buying in to a new system needs to begin with the lenses and not the body.

The most illuminating part of this for me is learning to look past the numbers to see the real world results. Surely, every persons metrics are unique. That an objective measure (like a review rating or dxo score) should be used to decide something as subjective as personal taste is absurd. Some of you folks may require the objective because your photographs are really that good, mine however are not!

I have not yet decided on a direction. Ill need to think a bit more about my practices and the overall kit. I will say the 6d with the 35l makes for an impressive package though!

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