Wow .. I just have to show you this ... (CPL Filter)

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Wow .. I just have to show you this ... (CPL Filter)

I'm not sure if it was on this Forum.. probably so .. that I recently read an interesting post regarding the CPL Filter uses. Not really being that much of a Filter user myself (never really thought that the kind of pics I take most of just do not need me bothering about such things) wrong can you get !!
Reading the above mentioned post I started to look out of curiosity what CPL Filters were available.. bearing in mind I use a 62mm lens front I reckoned that a decent quality in that size could well set anybody back a bit in cost .. well.. some of the well-known makes do so of course. However, long ago I found on Ebay the site where TianYa filters are sold .. they have some very truthfull and excellent demo shots to show how their filters work and I have since bought two or three of the standard oft-used type in large absolute pittance of a price..but incredibly good in results.. and honestly .. it is unbelievable how well they perform.. shipped directly from Japan in barely a week to arrival and HIGHLY satisfactory even with top-class equipment and top-class lenses..VERY good indeed.

Anyway alas they did not seem to do the CPL Filters so I had to look around and I came cross the brand ZOMEI .. never heard of them before but again direct from Japan..very good site with good demo of the Filters in use and at the price of barely above 5-UKP here I just thought I couldn't go wrong with a try-out.

It's JUST arrived .. and frankly I'm stunned by what it gives for the price. Truly excellently made and boxed up to Pro standards by any comparison.. and at just a very quick trial I am astonished..all for hardly more than a chocolate bar and yet beautifully made..very smooth rotation and VERY slimline.

This was a very quick trial shot WITHOUT using any filtration (Filter ON but turned to virtual negative result) ...

.. and this is an immediate after-shot , now with the Filter turned to full filtration ...

I say again .. very quick test shots, no fuss about them.. just to show the instant difference .. and at THIS paltry cost..I just don't know how they do it. I am VERY particular in the quality of the gear I use and anything for it but I do have to say in all honesty that I simply don't know how these Far East folk working clearly on some sort of 'home' base idea, can produce and sell these TianYa and now the DOMEI filters at the cost they are..including mind you the postage from Far East !!

I truly recommend anyone to give them a try-out if in the slightest doubt.. at the price, you can hardly go wrong !!

A P.S. -  The Filter is beautifully smooth and firm in rotation too  ....

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