My turn for some advice — Whale watching

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Re: My turn for some advice — Whale watching

Christof21 wrote:

Greg7579 wrote:

maxxxx wrote:

Just from own experience what I would do:

  • Use at least CL with AF-C. If a whale breaches you probably need a lot of pictures.
  • I would also leave the polarizer off. Things can move really fast and it will be hard to adjust it. If you have plenty of light use aperture for more DOF
  • Go with 1/1000 or faster if a whale breaches. It's better to get some noise through high ISO than motion blur
  • Use boost mode
  • Practice aiming with the 100-400 so you can actually find the whale quickly


Use the polarizer for sure.

I get the CL and AF-C recomendation, but also try single point and single shot. I would. Acqure with the eye. Raise the camera at the 100 end and acquire. Zoom in then to the amount desired. Treat it like shooting a groundhog with a rifle.

You of course need very high speed, thus high ISO. Shoot wide open if you have to to get the speed. DOF not so much an issue. Speed and focus point is.

When you have a chance, check the histogram. Expose to the right. Perhaps set the camera at EC plus .5 or 1.

This is funny to see how opposite can be the advices !!!

I will be curious to lnow what will be Jerry experience.i

Bu the way Jerry , u know I am a better photographer than Greg ! 

If I were you, I would use my advice. Just saying...

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