My turn for some advice — Whale watching

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Re: My turn for some advice — Whale watching

Enjoy Maui and your photo adventure!  It's fun shooting whales from a small boat.  It's such an adventure just watching the surface and wondering where they will pop up.  I assume you'll have an experienced guide.  That's the most important part.

Our zodiac ran into whales last year while in Antarctica and I kept the 100-400 on my XT-2.  There were a few shots i missed because the whales were too close for a moment, but for the most part I found it best to stay long.  I changed to a shorter lens at one point and immediately changed back.  I didn't have a teleconverter.

I kept my focus on AF-C and fired off bursts when the whales appeared.   That gave me a nice variety of keepers!

Have fun,


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