RX10 IV - some thoughts after 3 months

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RX10 IV - some thoughts after 3 months

I really like bridge zoom cameras and to date have owned the Sony HX400V, Panasonic FZ200, RX10 III (returned after one week) and a Panasonic FZ1000. There was much to be excited about with the RX10 III but I was very disappointed with the low light AF-S and the AF-C, so returned it after a one week trial. Was very excited to hear about the improvements to AF with the RX10 IV and purchased one within a couple of weeks of it being shipped to consumers. Have since sold my FZ1000. I also sold the Olympus 40-150 f2.8 and TE that I was using for some long reach shots. Some observations:

  • I think that unlike the RX10III, the RX10 IV is spectacular. I can deal with many issues via PP but if the image is not in focus = wasted opportunity. The RX10 IV is best in class. 
  • The RX10 IV lens is similar to that of the FZ1000 except at the long end for the Panasonic. At approx. >300mm, the RX10 IV is better. Throughout the zoom range, the RX10 IV is spectacular. The Olympus 40-150 f2.8 is just as good as the RX10 IV in the shared zoom range and m43 files fair better when cropping...but the m43 camera I own (Olympus EM-1) has mediocre AF-C+Tracking.
  • $1700, while a high price,  is not too much to pay. A good dSLR zoom lens is costly and will weigh much more than the RX10 IV lens.

Nice surprises:

  • The ability to zoom in/out quickly so as to better understand the field of view is a very useful feature.
  • Better UI than the RX10 III (or the RX100 v1, whose UI I much dislike).
  • The ability to double tap the screen to zoom in on images during playback.
  • Shutter button does not feel loose (which was the case with the RX10 III).
  • Excellent AF! 
  • Excellent lens (I always worry about copy variation)


  • Not being able to zoom while shooting.
  • Inability to review pictures without lens extending and then retracting without notice.
  • I miss the UI of the FZ1000.

I have put some of my RX10 IV photos in a FLICKR album (link below). I've not had much opportunity to use the camera and VERY little opportunity for BIF pics (I do travel to Florida next month!) but did include some. I have also included some high ISO pics taken at a concert. At that time, I shot JPEG and should have shot RAW but was concerned about the PP route (I now use DxO for RAWs).

I could never see the RX10 IV as my only camera..I love low light and WA/UWA photography. I also really like shooting with my FF camera, especially with primes. An side, for me the RX10 IV feels more like a piece of electronics vs. a camera (in this case, the D750). Regardless, I'm so very happy to own an RX10 IV...it is a wonderful tool and can take spectacular photos (as many people here have also proven).


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