6d or d600 for me?

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Re: Ya gotta understand...

I had both the 6D and the D600 and much preferred the 6D (personal choice). I originally bought the D600 because the specs seemed to make it obvious that it was the better camera.  When the shutter wasn't spewing oil all over the sensor, it produced beautiful photographs, and I had no complaints about it.  I did, however, get sick and tired of cleaning the sensor (which was at best good for maybe 20 shots) and cloning oil spots out of the photos.  Nikon refused to acknowledge it was a problem, so i switched to the 6D. Nikon finally admitted there was a problem, recalled the camera, and replaced the shutter. I thought I would go back to the d600, but by the time they fixed it, I decided I liked the 6D better. I could get AF quicker, especially in low light. In fact, the 6d would frequently find focus when the d600 couldn't. Low ISO performance was wonderful on the 6d, which was important for me in shooting building interiors in low light without a tripod. I decided I liked the ergonomics of the 6D better and I preferred canon lenses. [Please note, these are all personal factors, and others will come to different conclusions about the same two bodies.]

What I will say as a recommendation: if you are going for a used D600 make absolutely certain that it has had the shutter replaced or that Nikon will still replace it for you.  This defect was not a minor inconvenience: it made it nearly impossible to use the camera unless you had a lot of time to carefully clean the sensor after every camera use and spend much time cloning out oil spots (I think ps will do that automatically now; it didn't when I had the camera).

I did not notice the artifacts that you are commenting on in any of my 6D photos. I believe they are the result of post-processing RAW images as above posters indicated. If anything, there was somewhat more detail in the Nikon images because it has more pixels, but not really enough to notice. I only ever used a tripod at night or in zoos. I had no problem getting clear images. If anything, the 6D was better in this regard than the d600.

They are both good cameras, but many of the D600s had the serious shutter problem mentioned here by me and others.  After Nikon fixed my D600, it was a great camera again, but be sure you want what the deal is on the particular camera you are looking at before buying it.

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