Why the cat got the G9 tongues

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Why the cat got the G9 tongues

It is interesting to see how most seem to go very quiet when they have taken delivery. If they have any brains they are spending most of their spare time reading the manual - this is a very complex camera and will repay a lot of personal fine tuning.

I have tried reading the manual on an iPad but I fear that I will have to print it and study parts of it carefully if I am going to be able to use the finer points properly.

First looks are positive.  All good really, except the fully articulated lcd screen that I knew of in advance and had decided that “Paris was worth it” to paraphrase Henri of Navarre.

”Big” does not worry me as I will use it with big lenses.  To buy one of these cameras for the sole purpose of mounting pancake lenses might be a bit of an overkill.  I have plenty of small cameras to set up and carry when compact kit is really what I wish to use.

The evf looks and works perfectly for me - no issues.

Grip is good and the menu has the “Panasonic familiarity”.

Grip, if anything is too good and I could have coped with something “lesser”, but mustn’t complain.

The detail of and human interaction with features that can be adjusted borders on overwhelming - as mentioned above.  I can see why some random fiddling with setup could end up with a mess and some disgruntlement.  Best leave well enough alone perhaps if not into some serious reading and understanding of the deeper points.

I am off to have another read of the manual.  Many cameras can be used easily out of the box and the familiar Panasonic men (once you become familiar with it) makes it easy to make the minor adjustments that I always make with every camera a breeze.  Noises, flashing assist lights, helpful message screens, all off - except auto playback with seems to come set to off by default on this camera - first time ever I have not had to set it to off.

I will bracket out the new menu items that my brain has found puzzling and try and reduce the number of them.  Good place to start.

Also Panasonic has now (at last) offered the ability for a user-set prefix for its file numbering system ...

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Tom Caldwell

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