New Mirrorless Camera Idea

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New Mirrorless Camera Idea

Threads are popping up with rumors of Nikon's new Z mount, and what Nikon or Canon could do to sway users from Sony. Got me thinking last night, both companies have a history with Rangefinders. Curious if anyone else would love to see the following. This sounds like more of a Nikon camera to me, but probably a pipe dream regardless.

1) License the Leica M Bayonet, Add Electrical Contacts. Native lenses would have electronics in the lens.

2) Design your native sensor stack to work with short FL M lenses. Since you're designing new lenses anyway, starting here won't affect future lenses.

3) Both Canon & Nikon have decent stables of legacy RF primes. Update the optical formulas and release as modern classics. A new Nikon 35/1.8, 50/1.4 and 85/2 would be pretty interesting lenses.

4) The body is probably a little thicker given M's registration distance. Use this to build in Techart Pro technology. With the larger body I'd guess you could get possibly double the travel? Would auto focus up to maybe 85mm? and could be more robust since the whole chassis surrounds it.

5) Add a switch to the body for the movable mount. Could be left parked at infinity (maybe a mechanical lock too for stability?) could be set to AF via the mount for manual lenses, or could be used as a macro adapter for native lenses (default lens to closest focus, then focus with mount).

6) Add Nikon's Non-CPU lens data setup to easily record EXIF. Add the ability to add a lens name.

7) Improve the MF experience. Plenty of options here, and Nikon has the engineering. Also a good way to try and win over users with a new system and more limited native lenses.

8) Create a fully functional FT-2 adapter for F mount lenses on the new camera.

Again, it's a pipe dream, but this camera could get me thinking about leaving Sony...

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