My turn for some advice — Whale watching

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Re: My turn for some advice — Whale watching

I am not sure about Hawaii, but in California they are very strict about how close a boat can get to the whales. The distances will not vary as much as you think and you will be farther from the whales than you think (assuming HI rules are similar to CA). If you have a good boat captain, the will keep you right on the edge of the distance limit, usually from parallel to the whales path, slightly behind.

At the time I was in CA, I had a 200 mm lens and was wishing I rented a longer lens. It wouldn’t surprise me if you need to use your 1.4 TC but unlikely that you will need it mounted with 400 mm at the long end.

You will have plenty of light, so shutter speeds can stay fast. You will crop you pictures like all wild life photogs.

Even though posters above say you do not need a polarizer, you might. The reflections from the water are very harsh depending on the conditions. You can mitigate them in post, but not eliminate the issue if the glare is harsh. Think polarized sunglasses - they are really beneficial in open water environments. The same is true of a polarizer.

If you can bring a monopod, I would. Getting a stable platform to shoot is the hardest issue as shooting whales if physically tiring.

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