Need help selecting lens for new pentax KP

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Need help selecting lens for new pentax KP

Hey guys and gals,

Hoping I could get some discussion/debate on where I should go lens wise. I am a amateur in some need of lessons but I have enjoyed slowly learning on my own too I suppose.

Anyway I am upgrading from a k20 to the KP this week and of course I have been reading about lenses lenses lenses.

Currently have a 1.9 43mm (64.5mm on my APS-C) limited which spends the most time on the camera.  I also have a  Tamron XR di II 17-50 which I almost never use because honestly the color seems very dull (I wonder in hindsight if I had a defective lens). Finally I have a SMC pentax DA 1:4 300mm.

As you can see by my choices over the past 8-10 years I have been mostly winging it.  I have a baby coming in Feb and I am excited to use the KP for some pics and videos (yes I am aware video on KP is reportedly mediocre).

Anyway I would love to get a heated discussion on what the next lens I should buy would be.

My inclination currently is the Pentax DA 35mm f/2.8 macro. My thoughts are the 53.5mm would be more of a "normal" lens and I do enjoy shooting flowers and would enjoy macro (with the understanding that I need to get super close on this guy to use macro).

My questions are

1. Is the 53.5 too close to the 64.5mm equivalent I already have to justify purchasing? If so then what would be a better choice?

2. Any idea why I had no luck with the Tamron? Any suggestions on what to do with?

3. What other lens should I consider?  Obviously the 2.8 70-200 zoom would cover a lot of ground for me but yikes its expensive and so big- I am already schlepping around the 300 which i do enjoy btw. Fun to try to get birds though obviously 400+ would have been more ideal.

Thanks for any help and remember I am an amateur so I appreciate any help no matter how basic!

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