G16 vs G1x mark III. Is it time to upgrade?

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G16 vs G1x mark III. Is it time to upgrade?

Hello, I've been using the G16 for 3 years now. Once i got used to its limitations and capabilities it's a wonderful little camera - but every now and then I miss a shot due to slow AF and find the IQ not so satisfying anymore.

I can't call myself photographer, i prefer to say I take snapshots - and sometimes they look fine. That said, I think it matters *what* and *how* you shoot, not with *what*. That's why i never got a 1''-sensor model from the last couple of years - i realise the 1/1.7'' sensor of the G16 is absurdly small and shooting beyond ISO 800 is insane, but i still like the camera. However with the G1X3 things change and i think the leap from the tiny 42.5 mm² sensor (in the G16) to the 330 mm² sensor (in the G1X3) will be huge.

Because that little beast costs a 3-month salary where I live, I have to be absolutely sure that this upgrade is worthwhile. That's why I'm posting this - i see many of you already have the G1X3, so thanks in advance for answering my questions! And please do not recommend ILC, because I need a pocketable camera. My G16 fits nicely in my jeans' pockets, so the new camera (similar size, same weight) should be OK in terms of carrying it around.

Another thing i want to know is the usage of G1X3 and the fast-changing filter systems like MagFilter of Lensmate - do they work with the new model? I know it has 37mm thread, but it's way easier and faster to snap a magnet adapter with a filter already screwed.

Low light capabilites - I really don't want to get in the aperture equivalence dispute. On the G16 I always shoot at the widest and fastest (28mm, f1.8) so the same will be done with the G1X3 (24mm, f2.8). The pupil diameter on the G16 is 3.39mm (because the lens is 6.1mm equivalent) and that of the G1X3 is 5.35mm (15mm equivalent). However I rely on the bigger sensor and newer processor in G1X3 to handle better the low light shots. Is the IS really that good so one could shoot handheld at low speeds?

Lens reach - the old one is 28-140 mm, so no doubt I will miss the longer reach. But I have this dumb question - since the new camera is twice the resolution (24 vs 12MP in the G16), can't i just... crop? Some noise will be introduced during cropping, but can't I get 140mm-like crop out of the 72mm? If the IQ of the crop is worse and looks like a 140mm-like on the G16... well, that's absolutely fine with me. Yes, I know the field of view is totally diffent between 72 and 140mm, but don't care about bokeh and object isolation.

RAW burst shooting - on the G16 is plain awful, something like 1.2fps, it's ten times slower than the jpg which is 12fps. From what i've seen in tests, the RAW burst is actually 6-7 fps on the G1X3. Is that correct?

Attaching wide converters - the G16 lacks a control ring around the lens, instead it can be removed and one can attach filter adapter ( http://cameraparadise.com/data/tbl_product_photo/vie_crop/6022_1/JJC_RN-DC58D_Lens_58mm_Filter_Adapter_G16_1.jpg ) This allows heavy wide converters to be attached for fisheye shots. I wouldn't attach anything heavier than a 37mm filter or MagFilter adapter (if it fits) to the lens, so I assume i just have to forget about those shots with the G1X3.

Again - thanks in advance! Have a nice day!

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