Sony AR7III / Leica M10 - Cannot make up my mind!!!

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Sony AR7III / Leica M10 - Cannot make up my mind!!!

Hello All -

I'm a long-time Leica M film user (M3, M6, M7) and used to shoot professionally for various magazines and newspapers (NY Sun, NY Times, etc). I stopped my photo career years ago but kept shooting with film cameras (Hasselblad, Rolleiflex, Nikon F3 and mostly a Zeiss ZM) for myself.

I'm late to the party but have decided to move to digital and going to re-enter photography by doing a couple of documentary projects in the fall. The Sony AR7III (and AR7II) seems to be pretty amazing and I'm going to rent one to try. However after having used and shot Leica M for close to 20 years, I'm having a real issue with the overall size of the Sony camera with the lenses. The M10 and Sony bodies are very close in size but the Sony lenses are really big.

I have a strong appreciation (familiarity?) for the compact discretion and simplicity of the Leica and this is the biggest tradeoff for me at this stage. I have tested the Sony in a store and the body is similar, the EVF is very clear and the silence mode is a big win for me.

I have a few questions for the group:

1. Anyone switched from Leica M as their primary camera to the Sony AR7II or III? If so, what were your impressions or challenges?

2. Any issues with the size of the camera/lenses compared to the Leica?

3. Does the Sony AF, larger resolution, etc make up for it?

4. Were you able to move from the simplicity of the Leica to the tech-driven Sony without issues? Did you feel that you were able to replicate or equate the clutter-free experience of the Leica with the Sony?

5. Any major challenges moving from rangefinder to TTL viewfinder? I know that I always miss the Leica rangefinder when moving to my Nikon F3 for e.g.

I know that the prices are dramatically different so no need to comment on that. It's a given


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