some phots from my Italy trip since my last post was so popular lol.

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Re: Taste of Italy

FrankB2 wrote:

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b823s7 wrote:

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Might need to straighten number 13,, the tower,,, it seems to be leaning a bit....(ಠ‿↼)..

All the rest are realy great and given a taste of Italy....


Confusing since all shots seem to be processed but probably due to the taste of italy most shots with a clear horizon line #2, #5, #11, #16 are oblique indeed

W0000Pss,,, meant,, (given "me" a taste of Italy).... As for the tower..(◔̯◔) Don't stand to close....


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0,god,, I miss Off Topic.....................

Molly, I don't know if they still allow it, but you used to be able to climb the stairs to the top of the tower. I think they added some sort of safety railing in a couple of place some years ago, but when I went up there a few times in 1980 there were a few places where if you slipped on the slick wet marble it meant an express trip to the piazza below. That said, the tower itself felt really solid . . . or at least that is what I was convinced of.

Dustin - great photos, thanks for posting these.

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Do you know I only found out about this tower a few years ago when I saw a doco on how they dug under it and supported it with a concrete raft... So I guess it will still be there if and when I get to Italy... Here's hoping..

Molly Marsh..

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0,god,, I miss Off Topic.....................

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