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Morris0 wrote:

Tony Beach wrote:

Hello Morris.

Morris0 wrote:

Spot Metering turns all subject gray

It's important albeit pedantic to point out that it doesn't change the subject at all.

including white ones

Set EC to +3, more or less.

and black ones.

Set EC to -3, or something like that.

Hi Tony,

And by the time you figure out how much compensation the subject has moved on.

Yes, spot metering is definitely not appropriate for fast moving subjects.

I'll stick to Sunny 16 equivalent in manual mode.

I use this all the time. However, what that equivalent is depends on the native sensitivity of the sensor, so on the D200 is was very close to ISO 100, on the D300 it was around ISO 140; I'm not sure what it is for the D500 but my D800 is around ISO 65.

On a day with the sun going in and out of clouds I know doubling the shutter speed or the ISO will get me a perfect exposure

On such days I am comfortable letting the ISO on the camera float from ISO 100-400 (that would include cropping my D800 to DX, as well as my D300 which is about a stop noisier than my D800 in DX crop mode). The beauty of Auto-ISO here is you can stay at your ideal shutter speed (not always necessarily the fastest after all) and the camera will get you within a sixth of a stop on the ISO whereas setting ISO manually "only" gets you within a third of stop.

Good to see you

You too Morris.

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