My turn for some advice — Whale watching

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Re: My turn for some advice — Whale watching

Jerry-astro wrote:

OK, since I’m surrounded by a bunch of photographers with gobs more experience than I have, I’d hate to miss an opportunity to get some good advice. We’re off to Hawaii (Maui) next week and are planning on at least one whale watch excursion. The boat is pretty small and this particular tour sort of caters to photographers. Here’s what I’m planning to take and would welcome any additional recommendations:

I’ll be taking my X-T2 (not much choice there) with the 100-400 mounted. I could use the TC as well, but previous experience suggests that the distances could vary greatly and too much magnification might result in some missed shots when the whales are closer to the boat. So, right now am planning to stick with just the lens and no TC. I’ll have a shorter lens along (16-55) but I’d sure prefer to avoid lens changes if I can help it.

I’m debating about using a polarizing filter. I have a good quality one, but I prefer not adding any more glass in front of the lens than necessary. Would welcome some recommendations on that.

I do not recommend filters, it is better to post process imho.

Filters remove light, it is better to have lot's of light for IQ and use fast shutter speed.

Honestly, by post processing, you can really improve the result, no need to have these filters in my opinion

Tony Northup had made a video on this, and I agree with him. In fact, I do not use polarising filters anymore.

Thinking of shooting using AF-C, but the distances won’t likely vary quickly, so it’s possible that AF-S might work just fine as well. Thoughts?

Well I have a strong opinion on this topic.

Use AF-S of course !!!! You see the whale, it is very quick, focus once and shot. But do not forget to lock focus !! And be ready for the whales to reappear.

In fact they go o the surface a few times (3 times I think in average) before diving.

So be ready with the focus locked when the whales reappear.

Off course, bracket the shots.

Anyway, much appreciate any input you folks might have along with recommendations. Apparently, the whales are very active right now (have a friend visiting there who just went on a tour with a ton of sightings).

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