Upcoming Nikon Mirrorless - not designed for existing native glass

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Re: Upcoming Nikon Mirrorless - not designed for existing native glass

T O Shooter wrote:

nuke12 wrote:

If Nikon is going to build a new mirrorless system, they need a new mount. The F-mount would be a huge growth on a mirrorless camera. The electronic contacts hang out in the F-mount, impeding light from getting to the sensor in large aperture lenses. The current F-mount camera <-> lens protocols are old and need to be retired on a new system.

I don't know that the patent shown on NR is the one that will be used but it has to come. Our best hope is that Nikon will build/make a decent adapter to use the older F-mount lenses. For Nikon to do otherwise would be a huge mistake.

IMO and I know frig all about mirrorless, but in my opinion and keeping an eye on it's progress from a distance, mirrorless will leap frog DSLRs. It's not "if" but "when". If I could get away from AFFT, I'd almost switch when mirrorless is "close enough" If it's not already.

But your comment that I've highlighted above, I make the following suggestion on. I Nikon doesn't make a damn near perfect adapter for the F-mount not only will it be a big mistake for Nikon, it will be a big mistake for me. ( and others ) Because if we hold on to our high priced glass, and Nikon doesn't have that adapter, the prices of that glass will drop quickly and deeply.

I'm going to sell off some of my more expensive stuff now, as well as lenses such as the 14-24 which I've only used once, but keeping for when I have "more time" I'll buy it again if need be if Nikon does make the "right" mirrorless.

I think selling offf stuff you don’t use makes sense, regardless of what Nikon does.

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