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Yes, Nikon will continue producing DSLRs for quite some time to come. But no, not everyone "just assumes mirrorless is better."

I've been using both mirrorless & DSLRs for years. I know each system's strengths and weaknesses for how I shoot. Have you?

Do you have proof that adapted glass "greatly degrades performance & image quality?" Or are you just making assumptions based on cross-manufacturer adaptation (rather than adapting the same manufacturer's lenses)? Go ask Canon about that one.

Your claim that an adapter that has no optics degrades the optics is without merit.

The problem with your statement here is that it's incredibly naive and assumes that DSLRs & mirrorless cameras have 100% overlap in application and that they are mutually exclusive. And this is absolutely not the case. Each has certain benefits over the other and to deny that is to remain stuck in simplicity.

All you've shown in this thread going back to the original post is that you have an incredibly simplistic, binary, and misconceived perspective on the topic. Look at your original post, which claimed that all Nikon mirrorless cameras will be curved...it's "painfully obvious" how wrong you are.

My original post paraphrases Nikon Rumors Post on patents. The new RUMORs now say it’s a different mount, looks like NikonRumors might have som insider information.

i have about 75-80 MAnual Focuses lenses with an assortment of adaptors and platforms. Just look up the topic on most forums here and you’ll have all the proof you need. Google up Kolari mod for example and read about it and why it exists. This is not a new finding, this is old old news that adapted optics work poorly, in particular the wide ends. You can just do side by side tests, I believe I might even have a few on NikorGlass.com.

Your original post absolutely does not paraphrase Nikon Rumors, as you can see above in my response to your post. I even linked the post in my response. In your head, you somehow merged multiple distinct patents, and did a very (VERY) poor job...ahem..."paraphrasing" if that's what you'd like to call it.

I also have many manual focus lenses with an assortment of adapters & platforms. How many of your 'platforms' are mirrorless, with adapters that do not use optical elements due to Nikon's larger flange distance? Otherwise, you're just proving my point--you are conflating adapters across manufacturers with the concept of adapting within a manufacturer.

You should learn how to distinguish between causation & correlation; and to learn to distinguish between hearsay (which your conclusions are based on) and direct observation.

Dude, your not arguing with me lol, just google.. I am just telling it how it is. Just google and search, it’s all out there for you to read and learn about from multiple credible sources. Visit Nikon Rumors, they have new info on the Z mount as well for whatever it’s worth, they seem to have pretty decent accuracy in their Rumors though.

I am accountable for suggesting that the patents and curved sensors might be a precursor to a new mount and that such a new mount would mean adapting your F Mount glass to the new mount and that those with in depth experience with adapted glass might want to go ahead and move on with hopes that the new Mirrorless will use the F mount.

About adapted glass, I have only used optical adapters twice, all the rest are simple spacers, metabones, Kipon, and several others on Fuji, Sony, Panasonic, and Leica Cameras as well as some film cameras. A lot of times one has to try several adapters to find the one that works best. I have had $20 adapters out perform $200 adapters, I have tried so many different adapters, it’s not even funny.

Currently I have Fuji and Leica Mirrorless Cameras in my possession as well as D810, D500, DF and film Cameras. Over 50mm, the adapted lenses tend to work a bit better as you use longer and longer lenses, but they never out perform Nikon F on Nikon F when one pixel peeps.

Just search, you’ll see hundreds of example of soft corners on wide adapted glass and again, just check out the Kolari mod for Sony.

Perhaps maybe it's just that you lack reading comprehension. I can see some hints of this in your incorrect use of "your."

Let me repeat:

  • See my earlier post, which clearly debunks your claim that the Nikon mount is designed exclusively for curved sensors, since the mirrorless lens patents are designed for flat sensors--and this is even in picture form.


you are conflating adapters across manufacturers with the concept of adapting within a manufacturer. You should learn how to distinguish between causation & correlation; and to learn to distinguish between hearsay (which your conclusions are based on) and direct observation.

Your "just search" and "never out perform Nikon F on Nikon F" (which is not the argument) tells me that you have no evidence that a non-optical adapter within a manufacturer causes worse image quality, that you lack logical abilities since "not out performing" is not the same as "degrading," and that you continue to lack reading comprehension skills.

So you can continue to believe that a patent on mirrorless lenses designed for flat sensors means that Nikon is releasing only a curved sensor mirrorless that will not work well with F-glass. This presumably means that you will never buy one and never use one with F-glass, since doing so would put you in the 'hypocrite' camp. We'll see how it goes.

Your need to change the context of the conversation, demean others is all anyone needs to see.. enjoy your adapted system should you get one.  Looking at your posting history, even beyond this thread shows you in a constant state in disagreement also.. mhmm  yup.

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