Upcoming Nikon Mirrorless - not designed for existing native glass

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Re: It's an Invitation to Leave

em jo photo wrote:

AM4L wrote:

I think a new platform would be a wise move for Nikon and it’s Mirrorless. Now the Nikon faithful would have a reason to start investing in a second platform, good for sales.

I couldn't disagree with you about this thought, more. A Nikon mirrorless body that isn't designed to work well with existing f-mount glass, especially if this body is marketed as the future of Nikon camera systems = an invitation to ditch Nikon forever.

If I have to "start over" with new bodies and lenses because Nikon decides I can't carry my existing Nikkor lens and accessory investment forward, why would I even consider starting again with Nikon?

Why wouldn't I try Sony, or Canon, or Fuji, or everyone else's equipment, first? My lenses make me a member of the "Nikon faithful." Make my lenses moot, and what's my incentive to stay? (And is it really in Nikon's best interest to give people a good reason to try everyone else's camera systems, instead?)

Worse, why woudln't I be upset with Nikon for suddenly deciding my current five-figure investment in professional Nikon lenses is obsolete? The 70-200E, the 24-70E, the 105E, the 28E--each costing $2000 or more--are all less than three years old! We all just got them! I don't believe we would all be as excited as you propose, here, to have to replace them, already, with new short-flange "Z-mount" designs. (And being marked "obsolete" for future Nikon bodies certainly wouldn't help the resale value of said lenses, which might also give us pause to reconsider our Nikon "faithfulness.")

Why would I even consider entertaining "brand loyalty" to a company that tanked the usefulness and value of my lens collection, much of it filled with brand-new professional designs they just released?

If Nikon doesn't make their mirrorless cameras 100% compatible with the existing back catalog of lenses in an easy, painless sort of way, then they have just signed their corporate death certificate. There wouldn't be a "Nikon faithful" after that.

They can't be so foolish. And they won't be. Even the Nikon "1" system offered a decent F-Mount adapter. But in the case of FX and DX mirrorless, adapted F-mount lens performance is going to have to be better than "decent." I anticipate it will be, especially with the recent "E" designs.

Nikon would continue producing DSLRs for some time to come.  Everyone just assumes Mirrorless is better, but honestly once a person tries it and get past the hype cycle and realizes the realities of Mirrorless, the high ends and it’s just another camera system.  If I really need a pro reliable system I’d still shoot a DSLR if I am going to be perfectly honest.. I am on my 5th Mirrorless system and the one I like most is the Leica and that is as much about the simplicity of that system than it is about it being Mirrorless and I would never use it for Pro event work.  Yes, pros are using Mirrorless now.. but.... that doesn’t mean at all they they are better.  They enjoy new tech just as much as the rest of us and that is more the reason you see pros using them than anything else.  Use a Mirrorless side by side to a DSLR for a month or two, then see how you really feel.

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