Having trouble understanding freezing action with studio strobes

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Having trouble understanding freezing action with studio strobes


I've spent hours reading articles and watching youtube videos and I still don't feel like I have a grip on shooting fast moving action - feeling a bit overwhelmed with how much info there is out there, and was wondering if anyone could give me any direct advise on my situation & gear set up!

To give you a bit more info on where I'm coming from, I'm a studio photographer shooting on a Nikon D800 with 2 Bowens XMS750 strobes. I would like to be able to shoot some fast moving elements (ie. objects being thrown, or water splashes, etc) I'm not necessarily after a low aperture - I'm just looking to freeze the movement with either shutter speed or flash duration.

From my research I don't think the XMS range has HSS (I believe the XMT range has) - so am I right in thinking that will eliminate me shooting at anything above 1/250th?

According to the specs of the lights, the flash duration at min & max power is 1/2770s. Apparently it also has a shortest duration of 1/4800s but I'm not sure what I would need to do to enable this.

So am I right in thinking that shooting at 1/250th, the strobe should be firing a flash at 1/2770s? In which case, shouldn't that be pretty good at freezing a lot of action? Also I should mention the strobes are being triggered by the Bowens xmsr remote trigger that came with the lights.

Thanks in advance for any help with this!

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