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Someone owning the G9 will have to answer this, but I have been searching and can't seem to get a simple answer to a question about the G9 blackout when taking multiple shots / focus tracking.

Is it true that if you use electronic shutter, then there is no blackout between shots? I thinkthat is is the case, but I can't find anywhere actually confirming that! I feel like I'm asking a dumb question...so if I am fair enough

There have been several posts on this. From what others (and the manual) say, there is no blackout at 20 fps and 60 fps, but the images are the previous frame, not live view. At the lower frame rates with live view, there are blackouts like most other cameras.

Here I did a small comparison between live view and 20 FPS, can you see the Differenzen? (In can't)


How could you see a difference? You don't have a live view. This is not different from a delayed TV signal that is often used with live broadcasts. You don't see the live, so you don't know it is delayed.

What I meant is that you do not see a difference between live view @60fps and pressing the shutter which records with SH1 @20fps.

If the screen would then refresh at only 20fps you would see some stuttering which is obviously not the case - it is still as fluid as the 60fps live view.

If you are 1 frame (50ms!) behind you cannot notice at all in such a short time frame

If you are trying to photograph a flying swallow moving at 34-60 feet per second, you would know the difference when the swallow disappeared after one frame.

Having used the Olympus E-M1.1 with High Sequential frame rate with the previous frame at 9 fps I know I would notice. I could only effectively use the E-M1.1 in High Sequential with a Dot sight, ignoring the EVF. This worked fairly well.

I also would know that at the 9fps mode on the G9, but the 20fps looks completely different without blackouts.

This is not a criticism of the camera, if you can get in focus images at 20 fps, then a Dot sight could be used effectively for at least some BIFs. For things that do not change position very much, the EVF would probably work well.

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