Post Processing RAW.... NOT JPG!!

Started Jan 15, 2018 | Polls thread
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Bandit57 Regular Member • Posts: 129
Post Processing RAW.... NOT JPG!!

Reading the threads about the advantages of working with Raw I wondered how many of those Raw processing purists do use a calibrated wide gamut monitor for your editing?

I use an Eizo CG2730-BK monitor with datacolor Spyder 5 calibrationset


if you’re NOT processing Raw AND/OR if you feel you need to be dishonest for whatever reason DON’T vote!

the choices:

I use a Wide Gamut (at least 99% capable to display Adobe RGB) calibrated monitor
42.9% 21  votes
I use a standard (not wide gamut) but calibrated monitor Please explain!
30.6% 15  votes
I DON'T SEE why it would need to be a calibrated WIDE GAMUT monitor Please explain!
6.1% 3  votes
I DON'T SEE why I would need a calibrated monitor AT ALL! Please explain!
4.1% 2  votes
I DO see the need for a Wide Gamut calibrated monitor but I don't or can't use one for various reason Please explain!
16.3% 8  votes
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