Is switching from SEL18105F4 to EPZ18200 a good idea?

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Re: Is switching from SEL18105F4 to EPZ18200 a good idea?

Tommy S wrote:

Hallo Sony Users

I am thinking about some changes in my gear, especially as far as SEL18105F4, which I use very seldom. I also posses LA-EA3 with DT55-300, which I bought due to suggestion from this forum. I like what it produces, the only gripe is slow focus. As I am not looking for low light gear - this is successfully covered by manual lenses and turbo lens II, but I still need some lens for outdoor shooting in good light (sun or strobe) and started looking towards E PZ 18-200 3.5/6.3 super heavy lens.

For your information I do not need such range for tourism or walk-around photography. I rarely take long range photos on vacations, rather stick to Rokinon 12/2, which is superb and handy. My only purpose for EPZ 18-200 is outdoor sport shooting, maybe some video.

Another option is to keep SEL18-105 and support it with FE70-200F4 which I want to buy, but F4 is not any advantage here, and joggling the lenses is another issue I may get rid of.

So what do you think ? E PZ 18-200 3.5-6.3 or SEL18-105F4 with FE70-200F4?

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Tom S (Poland)

If you are ok with the IQ of the 18-200, why not? You obviously know that you will be compromising IQ with such a wide range. For Aps-c cameras, it's seems that the 18-135 is the best balance of reach and IQ all throughout.  Some have gone to 140mm (or even 150mm) but usually at the price of f6.3 instead of f5.6 (except maybe in the m4/3). The canon 18-135 f3.5-5.6 is highly regarded for this reason. Most 18-200 have not become too popular because of the IQ compromises.

So, in that sense, why not wait for the sony 18-135 to see if it is good enough for you? If the canon 18-135 is any indication, most may have already figured out how to get good optical qualities from this range.

There is also something to be said about Tamron lenses. Their 18-400 f3.5-6.3 VC has had a good review and the images are really stunning for such a wide range. All for U$649. Too bad there is no Sony version of that. Only Nikon and Canon. The long route would be to get that lens in canon mount and an MB5 adapter. I cannot guarantee anything on its peformance in AF though, especially with the older sony bodies.  If my a5100 or nex-5t is any indicator, it will be a pain in AF.  If this was an a6300/a6500 body, I am sure, the AF will be decent for daily use.

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