Help me find a lightweight and efficient Lightroom workflow

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Re: Help me find a lightweight and efficient Lightroom workflow

Zeee wrote:

amateursurfphotog wrote:

thanks Paige.

some clarifying questions:

1. if i shoot RAW only, i would only import the RAW into LR and make my edits.

but what do you mean by "certianly don't export the edited JPG"? isn't the ultimate goal to export the edited RAW into a JPG?

lastly, how do i remove previous exports and only keep the latest revisions? is there any type of setting to automatically do this?

You don't remove exports. Your edits are maintained in LR forever unless you delete a file or files. You can delete the history of your edits which which will not effect the final edited version but I would not do that as you lose your original RAW.

This is incorrect.  You can always reset to the LR defaults (or manually remove all the edits).  It doesn't matter if the history of edits is there  or not.  The LR default is the state when the image was first imported into LR - not edited at all.

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