any way to mount Emount lenses to M43 Bodies?

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Re: any way to mount Emount lenses to M43 Bodies?

Effectively not possible to use lenses from one mirrorless range on another range's body. As the flange distances are similar any adapter will push the lens forward and lose infinity focus. This can be corrected by adding a lens inside the adapter but these are always poor (apart from Metabones Speedboosters). But, as everything on Sony E-mount is electronic, there would be no way to control focusing, zoom and aperture for a lens mounted on a non-Sony body.

Having said that, I have just found an adapter to mount M43 lenses on E-mount cameras. Infinity focus may be preserved as the smaller lens can be mounted deeper into the adapter but I can't see any way to control the aperture. I would also expect severe vignetting.

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