Help me find a lightweight and efficient Lightroom workflow

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Re: Help me find a lightweight and efficient Lightroom workflow

I have been using LR since it first came out around 10 yrs ago. There are many different possible workflows. None are right or wrong. Some take longer than others and some are more complicated. Each to his own. You need to find out what works for you.

I shoot RAW only. After a photo shoot I download my photos from the camera to my desktop. I do this using a cable from my camera to the computer and I do this outside of LR. I do not have a card reader and have never had one.

I have an organised folder system for all my photos. For photos from my current camera, a Canon 6D, I have a dedicated folder named Canon 6D. Inside that folder I place each of my shoots in a dedicated sub-folder, for example 2017.12.25_Christmas day at home. Inside that folder I create another folder called CR2 files and this where transfer all my RAW photos from the camera.

Now the photos are safely on my hard drive I disconnect the camera cable. However, I keep the latest photos on my camera memory card for now.

Next step is to start up LR and I then import the latest shoot into LR. After importing, my first task is to rename. Of course you don't have to rename. It is an option. I went for many years without renaming.

I only rename to avoid possible duplicated file names. I use an alphabetical system. So a typical photo name is IMG_4940 and I will rename it to SMG_4940 and when it gets to SMG_9999 the next one is TMG_0001 etc. LR is very good at batch renaming.

Next task is to apply the blue colour label to all newly imported photos. This means (my coded system) that they are latest process version and that it has not been RAW developed. I could do this automatically on import but I choose not to. After developing I will change the colour label to yellow (partially developed but not finished) and finally purple (finished).

Next step is to apply keywords and metadata, Country, State, City and Location etc. Peoples names, event names etc.

Next step is to star rate. However, I have now started star rating from my Iphone after I have uploaded smart previews to the Adobe cloud.

I will then create a collection inside my already created collection set named Canon 6D. The newly created collection has an identical name as the folder name in which the photos reside. As this collection is synced with Adobe cloud the recently added photos immediately get synced to the cloud.

That's it done. All that is left to do is apply star ratings from the comfort of the sofa using my Iphone which then get synced back to LR Classic on the desktop and all other devices from which I access my photos.

This all probably sounds very complicated and it is until you have get the hang of it, but it soon becomes superfast and second nature after a bit of practice.

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