Is a full-frame curved-sensor 'GR-E' possible by mid-2018?

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Re: Far too dangerous to know

Tom Caldwell wrote:

Despite all the dreaming fluff (Ricoh owners seem to particularly like to dream) my practical advice (people used to pay me good money for it) is that Ricoh should join the M4/3 consortium and make a GR type body with 20mp 4/3 sensor and immediately get access to 100+ existing lenses for it. Then they could make some M4/3 lenses of their own and get access to the installed base of M4/3 system camera body owners. Win win win and no Sysiphus about it.

I strongly support that strategy! m4/3 is miniature enough, and strong enough, for Ricoh and Pentax teams to build "small" or "large" lenses and bodies as much as they wish. Support is there, sales channels already there.

I would not mind a few Pentax lenses for the m4/3, or the Ricoh styled m4/3 camera with a GR interface, and more. They can surely add quality and variety to the existing m4/3.

On that happier note, there are some Ricoh's patents on m4/3 lenses. They reach few years back. I hope they will issue some news soon, or they will lose all confidence what's left even among the most diehard aficionados.

Time has already run out – it is now only a matter do they really care about people, or will silently disappear.

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