My G9X Mark II Review Size does matter.

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My G9X Mark II Review Size does matter.

I just bought the silver and brown leather version from Canon refurbished for an amazing price. I usually buy black but find that my pocket cameras have the black wear off and look rough quickly. So I am trying the silver for now.

To understand how I plan to use this camera you can see my other point and shoot galleries here. I have enjoyed all of these cameras, but I have learned them thoroughly and accepted their strengths and weaknesses.

Whenever I get a new camera I usually have moments of frustration figuring things out because I really want to know how to do everything the camera can do. Even within the same brand like Panasonic, one camera with have options others don't and certain options are only available in certain modes. I really didn't have those issues with this camera. The menus are easy and everything works like you would imagine.

What was initially frustrating was having to rely so much on the touch screen, however after spending some time with it, those frustrations are gone. The Q/Set button puts nearly everything you need on the touch screen and the choices are easy to adjust on screen or using the lens ring. Making the lens ring a habit for adjustments will make things quicker for most choices. I imagine this will help wearing gloves. All the buttons and dials feel like quality and the layout is very smart.

The camera is very fast, it starts up fast and focuses very fast. The focus system has been very impressive to me. It is faster than the my RX100M3 which I found to be very good in general. Even in low light. I have not compared this camera head to head to my others, but I don't feel I need to. I know what to expect from this camera with regards to strengths and weaknesses. It's not as wide or fast as the Sony lens, it does not have a viewfinder, nor does it have bounce flash, but it is much lighter, smaller and the colors are more pleasing than the Sony.

I owned the Panasonic LF1 and the Sony RX100M3 both at the same time, I almost always carried the Panasonic instead of the Sony because with a phone and keys already in my pocket, the Panasonic was just more comfortable and I didn't plan to pixel peep, but I did want to take higher quality photos than a phone and have other things like manual controls and real flash. They only downside for me of any of these cameras is they are not water resistant, and that's what killed my LF1. A water ride at an amusement park got it wet. My fault, I lived dangerously.

With a camera like this many times the way I would use it, is to put it into sports mode if I was going to be in Low Light with moving people and wanting to be in the moment with my family and not fiddling with settings. The RX100M3 is incredible in sports mode going from indoor darkness of dark cave train ride to the bright outdoors. I got a lot of great family moments most cameras would miss. I haven't tested the G9Xm2 at these extremes yet, but I expect it to do just fine. That being said the G9Xm2 does not have a sports mode I have found. So I used P mode, Auto ISO, and High Continuous drive mode in either servo or single shot and it was perfect. No issues at all.

Image wise it looks like some of my indoor Jpegs are a  little softer than necessary, but I think shooting in RAW and using the in camera RAW Processor would fix that. Or using lightroom. Mostly I transfer to my phone and go. They are are family memories mostly or photos of opportunity. I am not selling them. I would like them to be unique or creative, but I don't need to pixel peep. The wifi button is nice and fast.

I do occasionally take selfies because I am single and in that world where I have to share myself with someone. I do try to make them creative and I find these are an indicator of how good a camera can meter exposure and flash as well as AF. I have found the metering and exposure compensation to be stellar on the G9Xm2.

Finally I will say this. Size matters. If I am wearing shorts or jeans all day walking around, the Sony feels like a brick in pocket along with my phone and keys. The grams might not seem like much but they matter to me. I love the Sony, but I will probably only carry it now when I am going to be at an indoor event for a short time. The thickness of the Sony is also less comfortable. My weight fluctuates with my diet a bit, and sometimes the room in my pocket is also dictated by my diet. The Canon gives me a lot more room for comfort.

My individual ratings are comparing to other pocket cameras and phones I am not comparing to DSLRs.  I am giving it a overall 4.5 rating because it does not have a tilt (Bounce) flash and also does not have a sports mode. It's not a sports camera and yet sports mode is such a useful feature on these pocket cameras. It should be there.  All in all I am very happy with it.   As much as I have been frustrated by Canons choices, they did a very nice job on this camera.   
Feel free to ask me any questions and I will try to answer.

Here are few images:

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