Trying to decide between the Canon 100-400 MKII or the New Tamron 100-400

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Re: Trying to decide between the Canon 100-400 MKII or the New Tamron 100-400

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I understand reviews are a great way to get an idea of quakity before buying something but don't hang on them. Where does Dustin Abott get his lenses? I have yet to see one "high traffic" reviewer walk into a store or open an Amazon box. Most get their copies sent right to their door by Tamron,Nikon,Sigma etc.. Tamron quality control is atrocious. They send out good copies to who they need. Then we all buy them..some of us luck out and some of us don't.

I'm sure everyone's view of a manufacturer's products and QC processes is heavily influenced by their own experiences, and it's natural for those who have had problems to make more noise, but even so I'd say that your view of Tamron is far from typical. Of course, mine (5 Tamron lenses with absolutely no problems) may be equally atypical, but I don't feel that I've had to rely on "luck".

You're absolutely right. Those who have bad experiences aren't pleased. However the first bad experience I had was with the 150 to 600. I remain objective after the fact and purchased two additional Tamron lenses. All the G2 series. Had problems with all of them. Second copy of 70-200 is outstanding. 3rd copy of the 24-70 is "acceptable". Mind you the manual focus ring was broken out of the box on the 1st 24-70. Conversely I own a bunch of other Nikon lenses and have never had to take a copy back. That's my own experience. I see a lot of discussion on here that seemed to highlight the G2 series of lenses having consistency issues. That's my take and deductive reasoning.

Inductive reasoning, moving from the specific to the general.

I mean after I sent back my broken zoom ring copy they sent me another copy that was terribly decentered and soft. Needed +20 in lens and + 10 in body. One would think when a customer returns a broken out of the box lens they'd at least send you a good copy on the second go.

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What ever makes you feel better😃

You could say thanks for the information.

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