Budget friendly way to obtain 9FPS w/MB-D18

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Budget friendly way to obtain 9FPS w/MB-D18

I had purchased two different types of DSTE EN-EL18 batteries years ago for use with MB-D17. Of the two, only one will get 9FPS. That battery runs $55 with their version of the BL-5 cover and I paired that with a Wasabi charger (alas no longer available but there are other 3rd party ones for similar price but I haven't tested them yet) for a total cost of $115 vs. $544 (w/EN-EL18) or $593 (w/EN-EL18b) for Nikon's items. Money saved can be used to buy a bunch of stuff and if so inclined, a multi-year Square Trade plan which would cover accidental damage as well. Even Nikon can't guarantee that.

For those interested, below vid covers this:

Here are some additional musings I came up with after I posted the vid:

I don't believe 8 x AA's will net 9FPS (at least not with NiMh which I've tested with Eneloop XX). Though I haven't completed my testing, I believe the 9FPS is triggered by the voltage but there's always a caveat since:

(all v is nominal)
AA (NimH) = 8 x 1.2v = 9.6v = 7FPS
*EN-EL15 = 2 x 3.5v = 7.0v = 7FPS
EN-EL18 = 3 x 3.6v = 10.8v = 9FPS but as you saw, depends on which version of the DSTE was being used (Grey = 9FPS, Black = 7FPS) and thus I mentioned the caveat about the voltage since these are purportedly both outputting 10.8v

I have yet to test:
AA (Alk/Lithium) = 8 x 1.5 = 12v (however Alkaline's are notorious for voltage sag under load)

I also don't believe the 9FPS is triggered by current since when hooked up to the wired adapter which outputs 9v/4.5A it still only achieves 7FPS.

Interesting thing I discovered is that with the grey DSTE installed (the one that got 9FPS), if I leave the latch on the BL5 open, it only yields 7FPS. Once I fully close the latch, it goes back to 9FPS. I've dissected a few of their grips apart and do notice that there is a leaf spring switch that is triggered by this latch but never did find out what purpose it served since the camera operated normally with the latch open or closed. The MB-D18 is the first time I've noticed that the latch's position actually makes a difference (namely 7FPS vs. 9FPS).

More testing to come but would be happy to hear other user's experiences on this as well.

*re: EN-EL15 voltage, Nikon seems to have an issue spec'ing this correctly since normal LiIon cells = 3.6v but they seem to be using 3.5v instead but regardless their Wh rating is off since they claim 14Wh which would be overstating with either 3.5v x 2 (x 1.9Ah) = 13.3Wh or 3.6v x 2 (x1.9Ah) = 13.68Wh. In the end, shots capability is still rated by CIPA standards so I guess it really doesn't matter except for geeks like myself...


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