G9 Blackout - simple question...

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Re: G9 Blackout - simple question...

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Chairmanlmao wrote:

Here I did a small comparison between live view and 20 FPS, can you see the Differenzen? (In can't)


No, I can't, so that is actually quite good! What is it like at lower FPS?

Do you notice your TV show/movie is not Live view? Take the G9, close one eye, look only through the EVF and try to walk down the sidewalk in Manhattan. I think you will notice it is not Live view very quickly.

Indeed, what I am trying to figure out is simple...

Does it make a difference when tracking? Or, more accurately, does it have lower blackout than the Em1 II?

Does it make a difference, may depend on the user and what you are photographing. When Olympus released the High Sequential with the previous image playback at 9 fps, some users found that it worked for them. I remember specifically images with dogs running toward the photographer.

I tried it with things that moved across the frame and had trouble keeping a relatively slow small plane in the frame. I found it to be useless for slow flying birds, I was always trying to correct for where the bird was previously, not where it actually was. I did find the higher frame rate okay when used with a Dot sight, where the display was irrelevant.

20 fps would be better, but for small birds which can easily exist the frame in the time between images, I would find it to be a significant problem. I would simply use a Dot sight.

The slower frame rates with Live View are similar to those of the E-M1.2 which has blackout and at least one G9 user indicated similar in blackout time. The E-M1.2 does offer Live view up to 18 fps with blackout.

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