Godox X1T-s firmware update - fix for TTL with large aperture?

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Re: Godox X1T-s firmware update - fix for TTL with large aperture?

Gray Goose wrote:

Out of curiosity, how can yo tell the current version of firmware on Godox / Flashpoint gear? I just got the Flashpoint Zoom TTL N and R2 Pro N trigger but cannot find a way to view firmware levels on the units themselves. Or, do you just have to do a download to see if it is at the current level??

For those two units, you look at the C.Fn menus.

On the XPro, it's really easy. Just hit the MENU button, and the loaded firmware version should display in the upper right corner.The Godox download page (which also has links for up-to-date PDFs of all the user manuals) always has the latest version. The Flashpoint firmware page can sometimes be a little behind, but is an alternate source.

On the TT685 (Zoom TTL), press and hold the Zm/C.Fn "soft" button (leftmost of the four). Again, it will display on the upper left.

The Godox Q&A page , if you can battle through the Chinglish :), has a lot of stuff like this, but isn't always completely up-to-date. Their first Q&A is (with me editing out the Chinglish grammar and updating for the newer models they don't include):

Q:How do I check the version?


  • TT685, V860II, AD360II, long press the Zm/C.Fn button
  • X1T transmitter, AD200, hold down the MODE button while turning on the power
  • X1R receiver, hold down the GR button while turning on the power
  • AD600, XPro, press the MENU button
  • A1: Hold down the SET button while turning on the power

Firmware updating requires a USB cable and Windows. If you're on OSX/Linux, virtual machines are known to work (VirtualBox + developer Windows VMsis one free way to do that). I'm on OSX and just use a Bootcamp partition with a Windows 10 license. Some folks just buy a cheap Windows tablet.

The older Godox units will require the G1 software, newer ones (AD200, TT350, XPro, and -O/-F X1T) require the G2 software. Both are also available on the firmware download pages, and the .rararchive file will contain the installer as well as a PDF outlining the basic firmware upgrading procedure.

Most of the units use a micro USB cable, but the XPro and A1 use a USB C cable (which does not come in the box with an XPro). The cable must be capable of transmitting data; some cables are only for charging and don't have the connections to move a file across. So if things don't work, switching USB cables appears to fix the issue for a lot of folks.

With the AD200, AD360II, and AD600, be sure to use the micro USB port, not the USB A (regular full-sized) port that's there for attaching an XTR16 or FTR16 add-on receiver. Some of the flashes might require that you remove the batteries and discharge the flash before doing a firmware upgrade.

In addition, sometimes files from the Godox site will have Chinese characters in the file/folder names, and that can sometimes mess things up. Removing them should fix those issues.

When you download the upgrade files, the RAR file will contain a PDF file telling you how to check your currently loaded firmware version, and also the revision history of the firmware changes.

Sorry. I was a professional tech writer for 25+ years, and I tend to go overboard on completeness. And this information is spread around in so many different places, I like to bring it all together in one place.

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