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Re: Trying New Video Editor

Gothaw wrote:

I used Hitfilm Express for this. The quality seems good but it's not real intuitive or easy. Has anyone used it and can recommend something as good quality wise but somewhat easier to use?

I've used many video editing tools since the 90's  and I don't think there has been a harmonization among them to when it comes to features. This means you will have to get used to each one's idiosyncrasies and knowing one doesn't translate to the next easily. Most of my video editing was done on Adobe Premiere because it was paired with the Matrox video accelerator (pre HD video) and the combination made creating output considerably faster then any other available at the time. With my renewed interest in video - DJI 4K material, I have explored a couple of the less expensive alternatives and find their interface very unintuitive so I may have to go back to Premiere. I am now of the opinion that you identify a program that has all the features you need today and stick with it.

Regarding quality, what do you mean exactly - quality of the compression or format? Of course this has all to do with resolution and bitrate and the host or method you will distribute your end results. I suppose to some extent, implementation of effects may vary from one program to another. I have not tried - nor even heard of, Hitfilm but the two editors I've tried so far support a multitude of formats and bitrates. From the formats I've tried, it looks like the same resolution and bitrate - regardless of formats, dictate the quality and it doesn't look like any have an advantage in compression.

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