How to view iPhone X HEIC file's ISO value?

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Re: How to view iPhone X HEIC file's ISO value?

noisephotographer wrote:

Usually when you send the photos via email in ios, they will be converted to jpgs automatically as far as I know.

I have a Nexus 5x and I compared it (in HDR+ on mode) with the iPhone X indoors. The iPhone X has better skin tones (in particular when you view the photos on the iPhone X display) and occasionally a better white balance indoors. In extreme low light conditions the iPhone X also captures more detail. Though the Nexus can capture more color detail in extreme low light conditions. Apple's HDR Auto nearly never chooses HDR, but you can choose HDR via the settings. Apple's HDR often leads to much better results than HDR off/auto, but even with HDR on, it's often not as good as Google's HDR+: Worse dynamic range (

The Google camera app is possibly capturing more images than the iPhone hence has more see data to choose from to create a  higher Dynamics range image? ) , much slower than the Pixel phones and it leads to more noise in low light conditions than HDR off. Occasionally Apple's HDR also leads to ghosting/artifacts when there are fast movements. With HDR+ this is nearly no issue.

Wonder what magic the Google camera is applying to do this. Could it be detecting frames that are out of alignment and binning ones that cannot be aligned? If so the HDR effect and image stacking NR would be reduced I would imagine and more standard image processing NR would be needed

Apple's 2x mode is also very inconsistent. It's impossible to predict when it chooses the first or the second camera. Often it even changes the decision when you choose a different focus point. It often chooses the first camera even when the second camera would have led to more detail. One needs to choose portrait mode. In this case Apple always relies on the second camera. Another issue is that the autofocus is very bad in portrait mode.

That is true hence when I want to use the 2x lens indoors, if there is not enough light I tend to use a 3rd party camera app to direct switch to that camera.

To get the best Portrait images in portrait mode there is an very narrow optimum subject distance. Sadly it had not been perfected for closer or further portraits as beyond these limits the cameras cannot accurately measure the depth as well. Maybe if Apple had incorporated their infrared dot projector and allowed for infrared reading from their rear camera a more flexible depth reading may be possible.

As a whole I prefer the Nexus 5x camera because Apple's HDR is too inconsistent. But for portraits the iPhone X is much better. In particular when you choose HDR. You can even edit the bokeh with the fantastic Focos app.

Focos is an excellent app, highly recommendedđź‘Ť. Did you bother purchasing a subscription or buy outright to get access to the pro features?

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