XT-2 image quality and repair option

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XT-2 image quality and repair option


I was to reply to the other thread about this IQ question but it has been locked...

Hope nothing like this will happen here.

I am looking at reducing a bit my bag weight, like many others I suppose.

I have read a lot of forums, reviews, etc and fall on the xt2.

But after hours of reading about it, I think I will not go for it. It is about 3 points :

1 - pictures from the Xt2 looks good. I have downloaded and looked at a lot. But something is a bit annoying for me : I found all of them a bit too « digital », don’t know if it is the good word. Compared to my 5D mark IV , I prefer the canon files. Perhaps it is really unfair to compare the two. But concerning IQ I find the 5d better. As the lenses I use (they are not more expensive but have more weight for sure, 50 Art for instance). Details are better and the canon is more film like, less computerized.

2 - price of the lenses. Well I was surprised to see the price of fast lenses. You really only save some grams here, because they are really expensive and not better than Canon equivalents in some cases. And as I like playing with DOF, it is always a pity to buy an expensive 1.4 to finally have a 2.1 (DOF équivalence of course). I had this with the canon 20d and 70d and I am happy to have real perfs with FF. It is like throwing a bit of money through windows (for me!). If I would go for the xt2 , my first purchase would be a 35mm (so 23mm) and a 85mm (the famous 56 1.2). The 40 stm and the 85 f1.8 are both light and not pricey. Hard to do the transition in these 2 cases...

3 - the last BIG problem with xt2 is something reviews never talk about : parts avalaibility for repairs. Fuji gives 2 years while Canon gives 10 years!!! How is that possible for such a price??? I can’t buy camera every year. I sold all I found in my house to buy my used 5d4.

I think I could be very pleased with the new technology of an xt2, but this info is stopping me.

I can imagine someone with a 400€ camera having problems after 3 years of using. Ok. The new model is probably better and it would cost nearly as the new model price to repair (if it is possible). Let’s buy another one.

Now you have a 1600€(!) camera getting troubles after 3 or 4 years. A Fuji. —> trash can.

Some will say they will send it before. Hmmm, ok, and you will explain to the new buyer that his new 1000€ toy can’t be repaired at all???

This is a bit unbelievable for me... Perhaps Fuji will push a bit far away in real (2,5 years) but it is really not a securing fact, really.

Dont get me wrong, the xt2 is probably very good, but coming from a 5d4 , I can’t sacrify IQ, DOF and repair warranty to save some mass/volume.

As a good article said, I will try to carry one lens at a time and try to focus on creativity (he bought Nikon and many lenses, then he went to Fuji to save volume and bought again many lenses and still had the same problem : carrying a system with a lot of lenses each time he moves out)

My quest is over, I think, concerning the xt2 but perhaps it was a bit complicated started from the 5d4 (I have seen some guys selling their 5d3 for an xt2 but DR and MP count is different for the 5d4).

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