Panasonic Leica vs Olympus Pro Zooms

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Re: Panasonic Leica vs Olympus Pro Zooms

Photoderm wrote:

Why is panasonic releasing variable aperture lenses for their presumably "pro" leica line? I find this to be a huge disadvantage over the Olympus Pro line. Is it purely to maintain a smaller profile (they do seem to be a touch smaller/lighter than the olympus pro lenses)?

Does anyone find this to be a disadvantage of these lenses? I don't shoot the volume that many do on these forums so I am curious about your experiences.

Why is it a disadvantage in this day and age? Fixed f-number zooms (of course, the aperture has to change as they zoom to keep the f-number the same) were a convenience in the days when the aperture was controlled mechanically on the lens. Having the f-number change as you zoom meant that you had to change exposure settings as you zoom. These days the f-number is controlled by the camera, and even on a variable f-number zoom, it keeps exposure the same as you zoom, so no problem. The advantage of allowing a smaller f-number at the wide end (where the aperture is small for that f-number) is that you can get a lens which is smaller, lighter and cheaper and gives you more light at the wide end if you want it.

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