***1/14/2018-1/20/2018*** Weekly Show, Tell and Critique Thread

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***1/14/2018-1/20/2018*** Weekly Show, Tell and Critique Thread

This thread has become popular, which I’m very glad about – thanks to everyone who made that happen! However, it has strayed considerably from my original vision when starting the thread – and I have had PM discussions with other folks here who also had concerns about that.

My original thought was to have a thread that was primarily focused on the images, rather than the equipment used in creating them. It was called Show, TELL AND CRITIQUE because my feeling was that people could show an example or two of their most recent work; tell us a bit about the context of the image and why they chose to present the image in the way they did (composition, colors, post-processing, etc); and then the participants would offer constructive critique. Anyone posting an image would understand that they were inviting CC. That way, we’d hopefully have some interesting conversations, and we’d all (not just the person who posted the image under discussion) learn from one another. There is an enormous amount of combined artistic and technical talent here to tap if we can find a way to do that.

The host couldn’t possibly do CC on each image, or that would be a full time job to say the least, nor would the host be expected to issue vacuous praise of each image as is generally done in the Challenges. The host would just keep things running, start and close the weekly thread, bring the thread to the top if needed, add another page if needed, etc. Of course, he/she would be able to participate by posting images and offering CC the same as anyone else.

What has happened (and I am equally guilty of this!) is that the thread has become a place to display our libraries of countless images, many of which are anything but current, and to receive favorable, but basically meaningless comments – “Great shot, Greg!” – on nearly every photo. It seems like it should have been called the SHOW YET MORE PICS thread. There is almost a total dearth of CC.

I know it is neither easy nor a lot of fun to do good CC. You have to be careful not to insult the poster (tho’ I will note again that if you post an image here, you should have thick skin and be prepared to receive CC!), and still make your point. It takes some time and effort to do this, but the rewards to all of us in this sort of sharing of skill and knowledge should be substantial.

Please help me move this thread more in the direction originally envisioned. If you’d rather not, that’s OK, too – I’m not the Thread Police.

Off my soapbox now. Heeeere comes the blurb…..

Anything goes in this thread (as long as DPReview's general standards are not violated): any camera; any subject; any post-processing; etc. Recent images you have created in the past week or two are much preferred but not required. A little background on where, how and why you made the image(s) you posted would add interest. By posting here, you are inviting constructive criticism and general discussion of your images. Please share your expertise by providing constructive criticism on photos others have posted.

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