I have had it with MS and HP

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Re: Is it just me?

Patco wrote:

Glen Barrington wrote:

But from reading about people's problems with Win 10, It seems laptops (especially older laptops) seem to be the most problematic?

At the moment, I'm using my 9 year old HP 6830s laptop that was delivered with Vista.
I "upgraded" it to XP (using the discs that were included in the box), and eventually upgraded to Win 7 (purchased OEM version), then Win 10 (with the free upgrade, followed by a clean install).
All the subsequent updates to Win 10 were fairly straightforward, with having only to apply a couple of HP drivers that Win 10 didn't apply.
My newest Win 10 computer, a 2 year old AMD tower, has also been trouble free.

My two desktops (both less than a year old and native win10 devices) seem to update WIN10 pretty well. But my 5-6 year old Toshiba LT initially upgraded just fine, but this last Creator's update, simply would NOT install properly. Then with the last security update, everything FINALLY loaded properly.

I wonder if there are certain computer configurations, that logically, SHOULD work, but which are problematic?

My son's Thinkpad T400 has Core 2 duo processor like yours.  He also has had no problem after the upgrade from Win 7.   It must be certain configurations that Win 10 doesn't like.

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