A possible switch in systems

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A possible switch in systems

Okay Olympus users I need to know why MFT. But first some background.

Trained in 1972 as a combat-aerial photog being trained on Nikon & Leica; 5 yrs experience. College degree in photojournalism and worked at various newspapers and freelanced for AP & various magazines. Earned over 100 state, regional & national awards. Taught photojournalism at local university as adjunct-professor for 9 years. Then WHAM, massive head injury that ended putting me on disability permanently. Didn't take photos for five years due to double vision and meds being adjusted. Finally did a little freelance until 10 yrs ago while doing a freelance shoot I fainted. Come to find out if a DSLR, another camera hanging on shoulder, bag on the other I faint in 30 mins. Docs still don't know why. Only thing I photographed was the state Olympic Fencing championship with friends PRO gear (Nikon D3 & D800, with 70-200mm f2.8 lens & 70-300), but this year and following he has retired from running fencing tournaments. So my lowlight sports (iso 4000@ 125/2.8) has come to an end. 3 yrs of taking no photos then buying Nikon 1 gear during the big fire sale about 4 yrs ago.

Surprise, the Nikon 1 gear didn't make me faint. So for the past four years I've been shooting with a V1 (con - no focus peeking, several seconds lag to buffer, a few other quirks no biggie) & V3 (con - no focus peeking, several seconds lag to buffer better, but...) both have bad noise about 800 iso. Due to censor size it has great depth-of-field. Flash sucks. Nikkor N1 lens were nice and small, lite weight, but very slow: 6.5-13mm, 14-42mm, 30-110mm (broken), 70-300mm 4.5-5.6. Overall fine for family stuff. Sold most DSLR gear, but still have D200, 12-24mm f4, old 35-70mm AI, 18-200mm 4.5-5.6. MB-800 & two SB-26 (for slaves) flashes. The good stuff sold long ago.

So thinking of switching to Olympus M5ii, Zuiko 12-42mm 2.8 & 40-150mm 2.8. Later save for Olympus M1ii, wider prime, flash, & maybe 300mm. Weather sealing is a big plus. Little heavier then N1, but is doable. Do like idea of only two lenses.

Questions: 1) MFT censor is just a little larger then the N1's 1". To me DR quality shouldn't be different. 2) How is it in low light? I don't mind a little noise, remember I'm from the old film days where every day I pushed Tri-X 400 to 1600 everyday, & T-MAX 3200 to 6400 (once to probably 18,000) & color Fujifilm 1600. 3) Have been told that MFT at 2.8 is equivalent to DX/FX 5.6/8? To mean this means that Zuiko lenses have poor bokeh, as does N1. 4) Can the censor & lenses produce files that will blowup to 20x30?

Out are Sony (A7series) & Leica due to big bucks. I'll never switch to Canon (old bias die hard). Pentax no idea, haven't heard much.

The other option is upgrade to a D7200 or D7500. Save up for 70-200mm 2.8 & TC-1.4iii. D500 would be great, but I must admit not needed. However, back to the original problem of weighing too much!

I've read the posted rumors that Nikon is developing a mirrorless FX, but it is still going to use the FX lenses which weigh too much again. Nikon I've been loyal to for 41 years, but it seems that my niche is no longer going to be met by them. I no longer freelance at all, all I take photos of are my grandchildren playing sports, trees & rocks, also artsy stuff.

I'm an old photojournalist who still wants pro gear for I want to be ready if an opportunity presents itself. Yet I'm told and it seems that I'm making a lateral move if I switch. That the M5ii is a step back to a D5600, and maybe the M1ii is the same as the D7200.

Thoughts? Opinions?

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