Sharp photos with Nikon D3200

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Re: Sharp photos with Nikon D3200

WryCuda wrote:

jshen808 wrote:

..yes, it's a shame not everyone focused to helping the OP..

..for me, I know that I certainly don't have all the answers.. but being here in these forums, I do try and help others with the experiences that I have..

..since the D850, D5, D500, D7500 are the last upgrades I'm doing, as I feel they are all the megapixels I'll ever need.. and I don't do videos.. my experiences will only be valid for a few years, then I'll just kick back and read as an audience only.. don't worry, my time here will be short lived.. but for the time being, I'll continue to voice out and try to help.. and not ridicule others like some folks like to do here, must make them feel big and better than others.. a real shame.

While it's obvious that the OP's difficulties are not lens related, but more likely due to poor technique and lack of understanding, there's no way that we can address his problems. This is especially true if the OP hasn't replied, and I don't see that anyone is under an obligation to give the "perfect answer".

As for the OP's quest for a better lens, various contributors including myself have suggested alternative lenses, and I think that this is a perfectly reasonable response, particularly when accompanied by some example images from the D3200. At the very least, those examples may have given the OP some idea of what to expect from his equipment.

..yes, possibly.. response for the OP was just a tickler for him/her to respond back.. it was hoped the OP could post some sample pictures from his/her D3200 camera, but didn't happen.. so really we have no clue at this point if it's hardware or user errors..

..have noticed there are many postings here at DPR, with the OP only posted one time, and never comes back.. these postings seems/appears to be postings just to get some conversations going, just like bots, seems suspicious.. just saying..


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