Auto-ISO survey

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Auto-ISO survey

I've read the interesting discussion of "ISO-less sensors" (as it seems most sensors are these days), and my conclusion was that I would love to simply use the modes ('P' with nothing but some exposure compensation, 'A' setting my aperture for the desired depth of field, 'S'setting a hard floor/ceiling for shutter speed and M when I want a very custom result with no camera choices) and have the camera automatically apply the necessary ISO sensitivity to achieve the ends each mode is trying to achieve.

That said I know that some people swear by dialing up their own manually selected ISOs per there own experienced read of the lighting and motion freezing requirements. I'd like to hear those points of view as well.

But if you are using Auto-ISO, what is your approach to configuring it in still photography?

I have been trying:

  • setting camera ISO to 100 (which functions like a minimum sensitivity setting in auto-iso)
  • turn Auto-ISO on
  • Configure maximum sensitivity at my appetite for noise (12,800?) up to and including shots I won't mind making black and white and using noise and all
  • Choose minimum shutter speed such that it functions as a floor for amount of motion blur / subject freezing I am looking for.
  • The auto setting of minimum shutter speed, based on lens focal length reciprocals would be fine for sharp still life, or when the only challenge is camera shake, but for moving subjects, or worse - moving subjects in low light, I'd gladly accept the responsibility of setting a minimum shutter speed above reciprocal laws as my blur/sharpness intentions dictate.

What do people do? Do you have any set-and-forget suggestions that help you forget about ISO entirely, or do you ride the settings based on situation, and if so - how?

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