Sandbagging 101; Second Semester.

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Re: Sandbagging 101; Second Semester.

Wildbegonia wrote:

abiquiuense wrote:

The refusal of DPReview to officially memorialize one of its moderator's passing is roughly equal to DPReview's refusal to eliminate sandbagging in its photo challenges. Both are within DPR's domain. DPReview, and its challenge hosts, are empowered to identify those sandbaggers. Therefore, I call for the motion again.

I move that challenge hosts shall be prohibited from entering any challenge as competitors.

They should be allow to enter other challenges they are not hosting, after all, they are active members who enjoy photography too.

Sorry to disagree.


Few of us are willing to suffer three strikes, individually, unless we know that the team and management are behind us. Right now, besides the totally nice photos being submitted, it doesn't seem as if the game is ours; so, where's the fun y'all keep talking about?

I find nothing personal in your disagreement.  Your honesty is a mark of your honor.  Therefore, there isn't any need for an apology.

Far be it for me to speak against my own motion.  Yes, we are members.  This current thread notwithstanding, and, by far, most of the veterans have yet to chime in on this.  Some of them, have laid the groundwork for rooting out the injustice in the challenges.

One of the veterans, in public, uprooted some sandbaggers, in addition to the outright liars among us challengers.  One of those identified, has gone into the other forums.  That member's contributions in there are fantastic.  I think it's because the member has had a chance for immediate feedback.  It is concrete feedback that cannot be replicated in the challenges.  I'm going to use parenthesis because it's almost a sidebar, but, I (think that the root of the sandbagger is in the "hints" for voting.  It's the hint that can cause a voter to give a "0.5."  I can't dislodge it out of an abstract, but, I think some of us can.)

Some of the neighbors in this thread are hosts.  It is their obligation to police their ranks.  They can set good standards.  They can have peer review.  They can have so much more if they had a showcase for themselves.  And, they would build credibility.


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