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Re: I wonder ...

Aberaeron wrote:

I always think that the setting is wrong and that I have missed something, way before I start accusing a camera or other gadget of being substandard or faulty. This is particularly so with new stuff with which I'm not familiar, but it often happens with older stuff as well.

99 times out of 100, I'd be correct, it would be me and the setting that were lacking.

Yes I agree with your sensible reasoning.  Whilst I don’t personally agree with the contents of the review I am in no position to counter with personal experience as a higher authority. Nor can I say that I can set myself up as judge and jury.

Those that waste their time by telling the moderators to delete the post or ban the OP are in fact effectively harrassing the moderator which in itself is a bannable offence.

I have already stated my reasonings: that unless anyone who cares to respond has access to one of these cameras to directly refute the OP by personal experience and checking I can hardly over-ride the post.  It might not be correct in particulars, the tenor might upset some, but because it has caused an upset is not enough for me to censor it.

I suggest that we wait until more actual owners can post their opinions (or reviews) as they wish.  Meanwhile if the post were not acceptable it would save a lot of froth and bubble it it were simply ignoresd.

Meantime I am about to lock the thread so that it can die of its own (ignored) accord.

Consider that the furious responses can be considered as nothing more than trying to censor what they do not wish to hear as rather than considered alternative factual opinion form actual experience I consider them unhelpful to the point of being compared to (or worse) than a not too rigorous original “review”.

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